Only see squares no Planes

Every sine the new update I don’t see many planes just there squares.
I have it set on Heavy aircraft mode. But when in replay I see the planes but not all of them

The planes visually load once you get within a certain distance of them. For example, you could see a plane that’s 3 NM away, but the ones 20 NM away aren’t in distance for you to be able to see them, so the game doesn’t load them.

Check to see if you have the setting turned on to allow Automatic Downloads of Aircraft.


Is this what you see?

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Its on the Runway/taxiways/gates when it happens… Should of been more specific.

You are still limited to a certain number of planes even on the ground. You may need to get closer for them to show up. You can see them on the free cam but in the plane you may need to get closer.

I did free mode and ATC still the same

Are you on cellular or wifi?

I think that in the ‘live’ section in settings, there is a live aircraft count: you can change it to low, medium, or high.

And if you want to get rid of them squares, tick the “Hide Player dots” in the Live settings in the sim.

WIFI on takeoff from JFK, cellar into the flight

I was noticing the same. I was holding behind a 737 at 25R at LAX and couldn’t see the aircraft, only the boxes. This started happening with the latest update.

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