Only real AV-Geeks know what's different about this A320 (dush19 Got it!)

Try find the difference, regarding this A320 Aircraft.


Double Bogie Landing Gear.


That’s absolutely correct.

It’s quite strange having those types of Landing Gear on an A320, but apparently it’s supposed to land in bad conditions, on shorter runways.

I thought it was a shorter Tupelov 204 at first.

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That was quick haha. VABB 27?

And I ponder why he was so snappy at it? ;)

I don’t really know, I just looked and went “that’s a TU-204, but wait, it’s an A320… How can this be!!!”

Yes, VABB 27.

Mumbai Intl.

Double landing gear (4 wheels instead of 2)

Some of my friends are over in India right now. They’re helping out those less fortunate. I think they went through Mumbai, they told me they were on a 787.

Nice! Could be , there’s a 787 by AI to Sydney ;)

I think that was the one.

Wonder how many months it’s spent sitting stripped of parts…


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Yes-Spreads weight better so landing and taxiing on crappier runways/taxiways that otherwise couldn’t support a single bogie A320, at least at an economic payload with a safe amount of fuel


Ahh that’s what it is. I saw some like this at LHR before and it confused me so much…


Misha, this made me 1% stupider by trying to find if this was an A320 or a TU-204. I don’t appreciate my brain now. 🙃