Only one side of the open runway

I would like the server to activate the appropriate tracks depends on the Metar, that is to say that only put in green the most appropriate track with wind against

What do I want to get to?

Lately I have controlled a lot in different airports very full in TS, I realized that suddenly all the tracks are activated and all the pilots want to land where they want and that should not be so since that is what a controller is for, not what would it do?

I suppose that activating a single track with green color even if the wind is 0 kts is very good since it allows more control over the traffic


In the training server people will also land in runways marked as “red”… I know its irritating, but there really isn’t anything you can do about it as you don’t have access to ATIS and you cannot ghost pilots who don’t follow your instructions. Consider becoming an IFATC if you really enjoy controlling, I am sure that everyone (or at least most) will respect you. Becoming a member of the IFATC will grant you permission to operate in the Expert Server and you will be able to select which runways to activate based on METARs ;)


I am already in IFATC process, but if I would like to activate the way I mentioned above to avoid a mess in very crowded airports!
But you’re right, there are pilots who land on the closed tracks and that’s the worst, but when you have traffic waiting to take off

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It would be nice to avoid all the chaos. However, the purpose of those colors is to guide you (as a pilot or ATC controller) as to which runway has the least crosswind/tailwind conflict. It would go against its sole, original purpose if it doesn’t show the winds as they really are.

Unfortunately TS is TS and you can’t do anything about it. On expert, the runway usage is the controller’s discretion and there is ATIS for all essential information,
This issue is likely to persist on TS but Is cleared up with ATIS on expert. The track’s purpose is to give everyone information about the wind. So both green means any side Is good to use when setting up ATIS on expert. If we didn’t have these tracks, it would be very annoying for many. If you want a smooth, professional airspace, start the IFATC process which you are already doing! Best of luck to you


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