Only one OT?

I was about to fly from Toronto to London, and noticed that there was only one Oceanic track? Inconveniently for me, it was for the opposite direction. (NA bound instead of Europe bound).
I restarted the application and nothing happened.
I also tried to change my sim time, as I know that some oceanic tracks only are available at specific time (when for example more flights are Europe bound.)
What should I do?

Hi, they are demand based, and because of one oopsie doopsie there is no demand, so there are usually 1-2 or sometimes even no oceanic tracks at times

Oceanic tracks in Infinite Flight are based on certain times of the day to cope with real world traffic (as it is taken from real world data). Right now there aren’t many flights heading Eastbound across the Atlantic, so there is not a need for a assigned track.


I wish this would change it but unfortunately it doesn’t work. You can still fly that way though! Just use a so called “random routing”. Use GPS coordinates that you can get from FPLtoIF, or Simbrief.

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