Only kid at school with I.F

The only person I know who has IF was @Tim_B. He hasn’t been around for a while, but he is the only other St. Louisan.

Hmm maybe not I guess

Yeah I don’t think he played it more than once tho lol

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I recall quite a few years back over this guy in my class talking about flight simulators. Infinite Flight was brought up and that it would run on the iPad! Fast forward many years, here I am. That few minutes was kinda a life changing moment. This was back in 2011 sometime. To the first/second grader me, a flight simulator that wasn’t a game and had a relatively large world was this big thing to me.

2 of my friends that go to my school play infinite flight. However I did see someone who lived in my city on the community as well

And you know who’s one of them @Will_W…yep that’s me😎

It’s sad to know that nobody in my town plays Infinite Flight, even in the land of Tipperary (except @Darragh_ODonoghue) and well the rest of my friends I know from EIVA and FRVA live far away from me. So indeed, I am the only student here in my school that is an av-geek. Everyone I know is just a regular country folk, sometimes farmers or athletic people. I am friends with many nerdy people but yet again, no interest in aviation so I am sure they don’t or never played Infinite Flight.

I would likely look into the future, studying special aviation courses, this is the time I will shine when interesting things will happen. I will meet new and quite possibly best friends.

I know @ShaneAviation and @JarrettFlies live in Wisconsin, my home state. I never knew this until we all joined IFATC. We have had some cool talks and done some fun controlling. Now, I’m in Michigan for college, where I have found out there are IFC members and @Ryan_E who live nearby (whether at the same college or working for the same college). Even if I don’t actually know these people very well, they are great people to talk to. Lastly, I’ll mention that I have met a ton of people from IFATC and such and am very happy to call them friends and people I can talk to if needed. There are people out there, I promise.


Dose anybody live in Tampa Florida

Glad I can call you a friend as well :)

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I know a few people in my school that have infinite flight.

No one else that I know of plays or even has played Infinite Flight. The closest person I know of is @Ecoops123, still pretty far.

damn lucky! i am the only AvGeek in my whole school

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Well my school is full of variety of geeks. From engineering geeks to medical geeks, or in my case, Avgeeks.

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My school doesn’t have no one at all. Other than me

Got one person in IF who’s in my school.

I think some of my little brothers friends play IF but they are like 12 so they aren’t on the forum.

I have a person who I know who has IF in my school.