Only kid at school with I.F

one question that keeps popping up in my head is " So there is actually people that play Infinite Flight all over my town and state. " I keep thinking that my neighbors possibly play the sim. Neighbors friends, neighbors kids, neighbors relatives. What are your opinions? Do you also think the same?


I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility. Interestingly enough, @JarrettFlies only lived 20 minutes from me at one point and I would’ve never known without IF, and we’ve been chatting nearly every day for the past 6 months. Crazy how IF can bring so many of us together, and for that, I am thankful.


Not sure how that’s OCD but I can wonder sometimes. I live in a big city/area so I’m sure there’s a lot of people that play IF.


I’m not sure if it’s OCD

Hmmm…I wonder who might that be…HA!

Context: We both live somewhat close to each other…lol


I have the same thing as well. I’m the only person in my school that plays Infinite Flight and likes aviation. The people that I know who play Infinite Flight are my friends when I go planespotting at my airport!

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Simple solution: go to your neighbors, say hello, and ask! Wouldn’t hurt!


the problem is. my neighbors are elderly 😭

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I know that I am probably the only person at my school that has IF


I mean…what’s the issue with that? Are they going to bite you? It’s good to get out and socialize, especially during a time when people aren’t as connected as they were say…6 months ago. So, put on a mask, walk over, and introduce yourself (if you haven’t yet). I’m sure they’ll be happy to meet you.


I’m in northern Chicago, nobody I know plays infinite flight or anything plane related. My friends always quiz me when a plane flies overhead and they ask me what it is, I get it right almost every time.


While being socially distanced

Shane is the reason I am the IFATC, IFAET, in 14 VA’s and the CEO of one, he is the one that sparked my interest in IF, and we live so close that we can relate on nearly anything. He and I have relived some past experiences we’ve had from each other. I honestly would not be spending my time doing what I love in the sim if it weren’t for him.

Additionally, the bond between Shane and I have led me to meet so many awesome people such as @Thunderbolt, @yoshi_flyer, @Joseph.Barnett, @MaxTheBandit, @li7ing, @ToasterStroodie, @JulietTango, @lucaviness, @Blake_Stephens and so many more people (I could spend 3 paragraphs of these names)

These people don’t even have to live near you, the bond that I have with so many people on the forum is extraordinary. Sometimes all you need is a few good friends and you are set, even though you may not live in the same area.


At my school I got two of my friends addicted to IF. One of them ended up just flying military aircraft and now he has deleted the app and sticks to Civil Air Patrol. The other, Will, we used to do flights together during math and overnighters and sometimes he would sleep over at my house. Unfortunately, he moved to Atlanta and his love for aviation dwindled. It is very sad…


The only person I know that plays IF is my brother


My family judges me for how much I play, but if they get too far I’m deleting tik tok from their phones and they are never getting it back :)


Awww…shucks. From one “Wisconsinite” to another, thanks Jarrett (yes, I consider myself to be a Wisconsinite)

I promise that you’ll find someone. Heck, I know some personal relationships within the community that have happened as a result of interacting here. I know that @mwe2187 and @MDoor are good friends that have met in person, I know for a fact that some of the New Yorkers in IFATC are planning to get together, and I have definitely made some everlasting friends here. Just continue to come here, meet new people, and the friends will come with time.

Oh yeah, and how could I forget the events? Go to FSE, Oshkosh, Cosford, you’ll meet a truckload of people (and staff too!) there!


Where do those events usually happen.

No. fricking. way. 🤯😀



@Mattheus and @TaipeiGuru are the only closest Portlanders and Infinite Flighters I’m good friends with.

: (