only happens when AP engaged

for some strange reason when flying the CRJ700 with the AP engaged its not turning accurate to the next waypoint… for example when turning base i go way off and missed the runway and do more like a 360 turn to get back on course

Sounds like you might be putting in too sharp of truns, can you send us a screenshot of you’re FPL?


This can also happen when there are two waypoints that are too close together.

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i dont have any screenshots at this point

Are you referring to AP or APPR?

Any way you could try to replicate it, and send us a screenshot? If you can’t, I’d certainly recommend as a first step to try to spread them out, and put slow turns…

im aware of that but ive been flying the CRJ for sometime an never experienced that… its like its turning slower when AP is engaged

AP does have a constant turn rate. it also depends on your speed. I fly a lit of CRJs too and haven’t noticed any changes lately.

If you would like to share your replay we can try to take a look. But the replay will not show your controls.

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you mentioned that this was from base to final, does you”re FPL look more like number 1, or 2?

Oh, ya, that’s 100% because of the turn radius, just try to make you’re FPL more gradual since the aircraft can’t make a turn like that…

the problem is the plane started to turn before it reached the way point

Ya, because it’s trying to make that turn, but it can’t, so it will continue to circle till it gets it…

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Try to have you’re truns more gradual, like this:

I assure you it will work much better…


ok i will try this thanks

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No problem, that’s what we’re here for… 😁

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3rd pic, :D . Aircrafts going at 200kts makes 15/20° turn imagine how much space it needs. It uses roll and yaw axes to turn, it’s slow turn. (Is this still should be on support cat?)

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Use the published Charts for the airports your landing at, will give the real world fixes speeds and altitudes will make your approach and landings much better

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This is due to how many sharp turns you have. There are a few good flight planners I would recommend SimBrief I believe is the best, planes can’t handle turns like these so try planning with a few more waypoints to make it smoother.

Happy Flying

The issue has been solved now. I’d say he just has to steer the aircraft manually into the runway the next time as the turn is too sharp in the flight plan filed above. :)