Only ground atc issue

On my early morning flight as I am preparing my descent into Memphis I realized there is only ground atc active which made me change my flight plan and change my course to land in Nashville where there was no atc. Why I did this? A while back at Kpub where there was only ground active atc I request taxi so I am given instructions to taxi and contact tower when ready. Holding short on runway I make sure there is no incoming traffic of course and I announce take off through unicom as there was no tower active on my screen. As I am getting off the ground I get ghosted, taken from grade 5 to grade 2 for the next 5 days for what reason??? On a different occasion as I am preparing my approach and landing at Antigua with the same situation where there was only ground active I announce my approach through unicom, when I am 1000 ft from ground I get a “ you are in an active air space please contact tower” so I had to abort my landing because it was impossible to contact atc since only ground atc and unicom where showing for that airport. Has this been fixed or will I have to keep avoiding airports that only show ground atc??


Was that on expert !?

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Yes it was on expert.

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I would not have posted this issue had it been on training server. And we don’t get ghosted on training server.

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Did you use unicom? If so maybe its a bug so maybe clear your ram and restart :-)

Do you always only see ground atc or sometimes you can contact tower?

Most of the time where there is ground there is also tower ATC. It rarely
happens but sometimes I find myself in airports with only ground or tower
ATC. Which, makes me abandon my flight after the incidents I have had.

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