Only current time on Expert server?

On Expert Server, it is possible to change the time (noon, night, etc.). Therefore, you can be flying near another plane where its day on your phone and night on his phone.

To make it realistic, i suggest to only allow current time on Expert Server.

What do you think ?

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Personally, i dont want it. as for my long hauls i occasionally do overnight, i takeoff at sunset, and arrive at sunrise, where it might be difficult to do so if its all synced to irl time


it is an idea, however i tend to keep it on current unless im in a bright setting when tryna land when its night in, lets say, san diego


That isn’t a great idea. For realism purposes, some people including myself like to fly our airplane at the exact time that the flight in real life departs. Only allowing Current Time would not allow this.


i like what u say here, and to add on, live and let live. if u dont like something, then dont do it, but dont force it upon others

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Considering our night lighting leaves room for some improvement, this would be literal hell :)


To add what others said, ramo lighting is still not present really, so it would be impossible to park (especially with no stand guidance system).


Yeah I don’t think that would be a good idea cuz as said previously if you try to do IRL flights you wouldn’t be able to respect the real departure and arrival time unless you have very good timing 😅

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