Only Cargo Aircraft Can Spawn in Cargo Gates

About 3 weeks ago, I opened an ATC tracking thread at KMSY (New Orleans Intl.) where the biggest passenger aircraft allowed is a twice-a-week flight to EGLL on a BA788. This is training server, however, so there were people spawning in passenger A333s and B77Ls at the cargo gates, which can handle up to a B77L. I think that this feature would enforce realism, especially on training server. This would keep aircraft that aren’t supposed to be at an airport, out of the airport.

I actually like this idea. However what about like the 757 which has cargo and passenger variants? I also think it should be expert exclusive, but it would be nice on TS1.


This isn’t possible. In reality, Cargo Ramps are often used by commercial aircraft. At FAOR, Virgin Atlantic, BAW, Lufthansa use a cargo ramps and just uses busses to ferry passengers, or they just store them there during stopovers. Lufthansa has a 2 hour turnaround at FAOR, and Delta has a 1 hour turnaround. Usually at this time the airport is busy, therefor Lufthansa will tug their 747 over to a cargo ramp, prepare the aircraft for their flight to Munich, and then tug the aircraft back to gate once the Delta 77L departs back to Atlanta.
There are many other examples of this, this is just one that I have seen a few times.

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I’m out of votes but I want this feature to

Even on expert server happened this

This is a nice idea, but it should only be enforced on large airports or hubs. On smaller airports (or medium sized) cargo gates are often beeing used for passenger planes if there is no space left

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As stated, this idea is very unrealistic. Cargo aprons are universal, the only restrictions they have when used by commercial aircraft is sometimes longer taxi times, and disembarking usually requires an airport shuttle (bus).

Well, you can still taxi and park in these gates, you just can’t spawn in them. This is really just for airports like KSEA which some people park in the cargo aprons just to try to avoid taxi times or even skip in line.
And I see what point you’re making, but how many times has anyone for that matter spawned in a cargo apron, taxied to a gate, and then took off? That whole process is highly unlikely to be done in the first place.

Please read my comment. Commercial aircraft use cargo stands as remote stands, this means they can still board there.

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While it could be interesting, I agree with @Josh_Tomaz.

@KIND9624 Pilots do this IRL. A couple months ago I flew into Seattle, but because of the N gate renovations, they were missing some gates, and we would have had to wait for maybe 45 minutes on the taxiway.

I know it is probably not uncommon because there were passenger jets parked there, and the entire area was full.

@Josh_Tomaz I did read your comment.
@Key I get that, and I understand it’s used in real life.
The point in trying to make is that if you really want to board in the cargo stands, you can taxi there. But realistically speaking you’re likely not going to do that. And, many pilots will just abuse the cargo stands to get to the runway quicker.
I don’t think this will be added, but i feel the pros outweigh the cons.

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I can relate! I hate when I see aircraft using the wrong gate including cargo gates like you said but when airlines spawn at the wrong terminal. Like a Virgin Atlantic at T5 at EGLL!