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I am flying Iraqi Airways flight 489 (Iraqi 489) from KBOS to ORBI in Training Server as a Boeing 777-200LR. I took off on schedule, the flight was going normal, until the game froze, but then resumed, but this time all the sound was gone. I could only hear the ATC. No engine noises, no wind, no chime, nothing. I’ve tried adjusting the volume and that didn’t work. I know you can fix this by leaving the tab and then re-entering the tab, but for some reason when i re-enter the game freezes. I don’t want to lose progress on my flight. How do I deal with this without risking my flight ending?

Hi! See if this sequence helps:

  • Go into settings/audio and slide the SFX slider all the way to the left

  • Exit out of the menu and back into your flight

  • Wait for 30 seconds

  • Reenter the audio settings and position the SFX slider to your preferred volume

  • Go back to your flight

I’ve had issues like this before and this seems to reboot the audio files.

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it didnt work

Unfortunately, this is the quickest, most reliable fix for me. However, I’ve never had the app freeze upon return. How many times has it frozen? Is it a common thing, or simply a risk you don’t want to take for this one flight?

Happens to me on occasions. I flick through the different camera views and sometimes this will fix it. But not always.

Sometimes when this happens to me I try switching the physical device’s notification sound switch on and off to see if it’s glitched it (the switch above the volume buttons on iPhone)

Hope this helps


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