Only able to upload 3 pictures per post

So I was just uploading a few pictures onto IFC and found out that if I upload more than 3 pictures the website would crash then reload. Is there a problem with Discourse or is it something on my end, my wifi is full bars so I don’t think it’s the problem. Does anyone else have this problem?
My device I’m using to upload photos is an IPhone 8.

Weird, let me try uploading 3+ images and see if I get the same outcome.

When you say uploading, do you mean before posting just getting the pictures in? Or when you press post it freaks out?

Is it in a reply? Or just for a topic?

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It’s when I’m uploading the pictures and is during a reply. To be specific it was a reply in a PM.

Weird, if you didn’t see, I uploaded in this topic. And I didn’t have anything for me.

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I guess it could just be me who had the problem. I’ll try uploading a few pictures in this topic and see if I get the same results.

I didn’t have the problem this time. Strange. Well I guess it might just be a one time thing.

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Yea, it could also be a PM thing, and if it weren’t then it would’ve happened here to.

Oh well, I’ll keep it noted for later

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