Only 8

Paro Airport, One of the most dangerous airports in the world that only 8 pilots In The World are qualified to land at.

Today I did a quick low alt VFR flight in the Himalayas in the CX. It was a beautiful flight and a great approach and landing. Very fun. Here are the pictures from the flight.

InfiniteFlight_2019-05-26-04-52-38 InfiniteFlight_2019-05-26-04-52-26 InfiniteFlight_2019-05-26-04-53-22

Landing Video:


What airport is this

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Poro Airport

You mean “Paro” Airport?

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Yes. My bad.

Landing videos will be uploaded as soon as I get the videos merged then uploaded to YouTube.

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The approach from west for 15 is a lot of fun. Steep turn in a half circle area then towards the hill and a sharp turn on short final to land.

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The citation has a interior?

Yes but you use free cam.


Welp that’s a bummer.

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Landing video now up.

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Make that, “nine” 👍


Wow good job!

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Thanks man.

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Thanks. It was pretty tough.

Very challenging but yet scenic approach! I was lucky enough to do this approach with my “fly buddy” @Infiniteflightusa and it was a blast! Looked like fun.

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Beautiful scene

It was and that’s cool.

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