Only 7 flights in logbook


It’s not a big deal, really, but I wanted to ask anyways. I’ve been flying in Infinite Flight for a few years now, and I had about 115 hours of total flight time. When I logged in today, and went into logbook, it only showed I had 2 hours of total flight time, and only showed flights as recent as 12/30/17. When I went into my Pro subscription, it showed I have 99 hours of online flight time. I was wondering if this was due to an update, or something else. Like I said earlier, it’s not really a big deal, I was just wondering how come it changed. I sent a message almost exactly like this one, in messages I think, but sent it to support, and wasn’t sure if anyone would see it, or if it would get lost. @support


Flight time will reset in the log book when a new update is downloaded or you re-install the application.


I may be wrong, but if I remember correctly, when I updated to global, and the December update, all of my flights still remained in my logbook… and I haven’t updated the app, since the December update, and I have flown a lot more than 7 flights since then!!

Have you reinstalled the app since then?

I might of, But can’t remember. I may have when the servers were having problems on 12/30, with problems logging in.

Well, that might of been the reason ;).

Alright, thank you! ✈️

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The log book isn’t the official record of your flight time. It’s native to each install.

Total flight time is stored on the servers and you can find it on the stats or call sign page.

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The only other thing though, not that solo Flight time really matters, is that I had 115 hours TOTAL, but only have 99 on LIVE.

Flight time on solo is not counted towards your total flight time.

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Hmmmm… ok- thank you!

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Do you have any other inquiries regarding this issue?

No- thank you again!

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One last note. Even though it won’t count towards your flight time, you can always log your solo flight time on your device or on a piece of paper just to make it more fun! :)

I’ll have to try that at some point! Thank you!!:)

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