Only 43% of pilots around the world are flying

Because of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic we all know that lots of pilots worldwide were furloughed by their airlines.

A survey that was recently done on the matter stated that only 43% of the world’s airline pilots are still flying. 30% are unemployed, 17% were furloughed, 6% were still employed in aviation and 4% were employed in other industries.

The pilots were asked what caused their unemployment the answer was 84% said it was due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 66% were actively seeking new employment while 3% were in the interview process.

Sadly along with this percentage it shows that up to 40% of the pilots were being affected by their mental health. 58% of those under 24 said yes to the survey while 44% were between the age of 35 and 44 and 32% were age 55-64.
The pilots who said they were stressed 47% was due to job security, 25% was COVID-19 and 10% was due to management.
Although 25% of the pilots said that the pandemic made them stronger and more resilient.

Although the aviation industry is slowly getting back to normal the furloughed pilots may soon be back in the cockpit flying the airplanes they love!


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I would imagine that this varies absolutely wildly across the globe and by certain parts of industry. I’ve noticed openings for jobs in the places you’d expect (Alaska and some flight schools) but a lot less small commercial jobs as furloughed pilots take them temporarily.


So here’s my 2 cents and while I say this I’m very open and don’t want sympathy or anything. This whole covid-19 pandemic has affected EVERYONE in the industry. From pilots To ramp agents to airline dispatchers to aircraft mechanics. When this pandemic first started I was out of work for months and I will tell you my mental and emotional health took a deep deep spiral! And now that I have my job back and I moved to a bigger station (Seniority helps) my health is recovering. Still not 100 percent back but way better than what it was… just thought I’d share this that it does affect people in my industry


Glad you are back in business. I hear Jazeera Airways manages to recruit ex Kuwait Airways pilots for 10 to 20% the usual wages… and they find interested candidates ready to fly for free to keep their licences.
So yes, Covid affects us all, but pilots have to work to keep being employable.

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