Only 2 North Atlantic Oceanic Tracks?

For some reason I thought there were more, but so far all that appears on my map is oceanic track A and Z. A real world route from flightaware has points that seem to follow a track (at least in writing), that is: 5000N/05000W 5100N/04000W 5100N/03000W
0200N/02000W. But it does not fit a NA track in infinite flight. Do I have to use a built-in oceanic track (that is, infinite flight contains all the real tracks and flightaware is bugging), or can I follow those points from flightaware instead?

There have been 2-4 oceanic tracks only since the 20.1 release. All their data comes off of NAVBLUE which is real world accurate

Infinite Flight does have NA tracks A, B, C and X, Z, Y. However I also have some issues seeing them in the map. Sometimes I will only see 1 sometimes I will see 3.


If you can’t see them then restart your app.

However there are only a couple in each direction due to the reduced air traffic IRL. As air traffic gets back to normal IRL - more NAT tracks will return and will subsequently appear in IF.

wait so rn there are only 2 NA NAT tracks in real life? So then its not a bug in IF?

No its not a bug - there are currently only 2 IRL.

so then why would restarting do anything?


Sometimes the tracks are “invisible” and restarting the app normally fixes that issue.

They publish the tracks for it the day before so pilots/dispatchers can plan. Here are tomorrow’s tracks, as you can see there are only two. One eastbound and one westbound.


holy cow i had no idea they changed daily and there was an online source that describes them. i was using a flight plan from yesterday. it all makes sense now lol


Currently it’s 1-4 track, because the demand to air travel has been low, but pre-covid there’s usually 7-9 tracks.

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Thats it not a track at all. Using NAT tracks is not required.

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