Online XP - How does it work?


I’m new to the game and forum. I was just wondering how XP works online, and how it is scored, because at the moment to me it seems quite random. Do you get XP for all landings including those with APPR, and how much XP is normal per flight/landing/takeoff. Any help is appreciated.


You get 10 XP for every minute you fly. Also, landing XP is based on smoothness of touchdown, winds, etc.


XP is determined by your flight time and landings. Using APPR while landing doesn’t give you XP, if I recall correctly.

I believe it gives you 150 XP. Not 100% sure, though.


not to mention using APPR in anything less than CATIII conditions is cheating! Go to youtube if you want to watch planes land

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Using APPR gives you xp, not sure how much though.

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