Online vs In-Person Ground School - Help heeded please :)

Hey guys!

I can’t decide between Sporty’s online ground school and a real life ground school called Land and Sea Aviation Alaska. If a real pilot and/or CFI could please give me guidance, that would be amazing.

My dad kind of wants me to go to Land and Sea, but I’m happy with either. Sporty’s is a whole bunch cheaper, so that’s why I’m really considering that.

Also, by asking if I should go in person, let it be known that I won’t be affected by COVID-19. If it’s the better choice, I’ll be going in person no matter what horrific, man-eating disease is going around.

Here’s the website to Land and Sea if it helps:


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Depends how you learn. Personally I like the class room setting and it being taught to me. But that’s only bc I’m a visual learner and have to see things in order to comprehend things

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I’m really good with in person and online classes, so that’s why I have to decide 🤔

Thanks for the tip though!

I would prefer in-person classes, but also flying practice added on.
You can have the CFI who teaches your in-person ground school be your CFI and training instructor when you practice flying. This is so you can not only learn the knowledge of flying, but also practice with the instructor who taught you that knowledge.

I am currently doing that. I am practicing flying with the instructor who endorsed me to take my FAA written exam.

Just like online school you tend to learn more in the classroom setting.

Thing is, I do online school for regular homeschool but I do papers and send in tests and stuff to Florida. So, I’m good at both.

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