online solo mode

Aircraft and Livery are CPU

Air traffic 3

ATC a little realistic

every airport redone by
example: taxi lights on airport,maybe buildings with cities lights
and lights on the airport buildings also FMC for aircraft and widow view i hope

please don’t get me wrong now some of those example i wrote might not happen into 2020
but hope they do it. it make me happy and people who like this subjection please like and comment what you thank. thank you i will be sending picture in a minute

Not quite sure what you are asking. But vote here for them!

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What is the relation with groupflights? And this is an unrealistic “request”. You say solo but you want everything in solo :/

Edit after changing the place of topic: what is the relation with general?

yea i do but hate fly with other people who don’t follow the rules all the way

I just changed it to general because it doesn’t have anything to do with group flights.

yea i just did a rerun on it in my own way of say it

Anyway, i understand and i hate those people too. But i recommend you to try expert. Sometimes i try expert now and rules are existing very well.

Ok but you like this idea

Yes I do like the idea of adding these! I do suggest that you go reply in the threads I linked!

yea i’am in expert i just don’t understand the rules very much and i get what you are saying but i want to fly by my self that’s it and infinite need for real

but thank you for all of ya’ll responses

i hope this happen one day

I agree, game needs more realism… But we have borders… Technical issues… Some games will have great 3d buildings but worst plane physics. Some games will have weather conditions but will have only offline mode. And IF has a great online server, amazing plane physics, great resolution but hasn’t got weather, 3d buildings etc.