Online Server

Is anyone else experiencing online issues with IF? I can’t even enter solo mode.


Yes same here on my end

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Same issue here. I guess that with that many people downloading the updated aircraft and joining the servers, they got a bit overloaded…


Yeah. Weird thing is, I was able to get online for a few minutes even when the update was live.

Yep. I’m trying to fly in school and I can’t. That’s what I get for wasting my free period :P

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Can’t connect either.
I guess the servers are exploding" now the update is out! 😉

Same here. Not able to connect

Reminds me of when global first came out . You can tell this is a much anticipated update!

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Same. Same. Same. Need help. 😬

I can’t connect either. Just says “Connecting…”

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same here ;(

Same here :/

I was in earlier, but then my app crashed

Same! I was able to open it straight I after I downloaded the update! But now I can’t get back in!

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Lets just say

…rip the infinite flight servers…

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After a while it does connect, but than the app crashes.

We will have to wait it out.

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Just like when global was released they told us not to keep trying to get on until they straighten it out with the servers so I’m not going to and urge those not to flood it either until they can get it smoothed out .


Our servers have taken a hit with all the people loading. We are scaling them up now and the issue should be solved very soon!


I’m in now :)

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So am I, the issue should be fixed now!