Online Mode

I am currently flying in solo mode and I want to know how long you guys use IF online mode.


I’m not sure I understand

If you mean how long I’ve played on live well that’s been 3 months but if your talking about how long I play it for well it depends on what I’m feeling.

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I mean how long have you flown on IF with subscription.

3 months I have been playing online.


Almost 2 years, nearing that mark in 1 or 2 months time I think… Late October/Early November is when I began flying on live.


wow 😮 How was IF like 2 years ago?

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Well, not bad, I mean when global launched that was the big upgrade to the whole simulator. So I got my live subscription after Global came out, prior to that I flew only on Solo. So back then 2 years ago, when I joined and compared to now, now basically every mass populated area has 15m HD Scenery, we have a lot more airplanes available to choose from and updated airports that resemble the real life ones very accurately, so since 2017 to today, much has been added and updated to make the simulator more realistic and be up to date with what’s going on IRL.

What I remember the most is all the amazing people I used to fly along side back then, many of whom I don’t see att all nowadays, then again I too have become a a lot less active. In the end, in 2 years much has changed but much remains the same, I do strongly believe that in 2 more years from today or 5 or even 10 years from now, then the comparison between 2017 when I began flying on live and how the future will look, will be much greater, but for now, I think that IF is going full-paced in the right direction of being one of the best flight simulators out there, constantly growing and evolving.


I started flying in Solo mode in March of 2013.
After about six months I tried a one month subscription.
Before that month was up I extended it with a year.
I’ve never been without a yearly subscription since.

So about six years. 😉


Amazing 😂😮 what was the aircraft you flew on IF 6 years ago??

I had bought several aircraft during the time I only flew on Solo.
Can’t remember which ones.
So much has happened in terms of development since then.


After seeing the other responses I thought I would tell you my full story. I first brought IF in 2013 or 2014 I brought I think only one aircraft that being the space shuttle, or was it free? I then left If for a year or two then moved over to iOS in 2016 and brought it again, I then left again and came back wondering why everything had changed and why it looked different. I then left again and came back in March this year and haven’t left since, I brought a live subscription on the 31st of March 2019 and joined the community on April 2nd or April 1st depending on where your from. Ever since I have enjoyed IF and cannot wait for the future of IF.

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So the NY region and the 767 and E190 aircraft.
I wanted to fly KLM, so… 😉
A little later I bought more aircraft.

That’s amazing history 😆 You’re a OG player!

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Oh at that time you had to buy NY to fly 😮

Many things changed since then.


Been playing for about 8 years first 2 were from my old Android Phone pretty sure I took months off some those years because it got boring and then find out about IFC mid 2016 and join the community I have been in IFC for 3 years


How many hours have you got? 😮

I’ve been playing I believe for 5-6 months and have about 750 hours flight time! 😉

I paid for the subscription the day I got a bank account 😂

I’ve played IF (no ways to pay literally), ‘not the right way’ for about 5 years. My parents wouldn’t let me buy any apps, and plus my device specs weren’t good enough to sustain good enough graphics for multiplayer 😔

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1.2 Mil XP and 1600 hours not that much for a an 8 yr player right? Lol I took months off like I said and played offline actually when I couldn’t buy the subs pretty sure for like the first year they released it or 2 they didn’t have multiplayer and I don’t play that much I’m usually busy now than ever so I fly for about an hour everyday doing short hauls and doing long hauls in the weekend

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Sounds like me 😂.

I fly afterschool from about 3:30pm to 1am, before going to sleep 🤷‍♂️

Weekends - literally land a long haul about 8am, and fly non stop until about 1-2am (last night 3am rip), and wake up the next morning to land.

Speaking of which, I’m gonna depart from Geneva now.


I’m super sleepy anyways gnight! Maybe we can fly sometime and I usually fly from Los Angeles to Manila as PR113 on a 773ER so during the weekends