Online Map/ATC


Hello, What do you guys think about the idea of having some kind of live map for IF that could be accessed in the browser, and a login for ATC in browser too? Obviously this is one of those fairly far-fetched feature requests (I’d rather call it a speculation actually), but wouldn’t it be quite simple to grab the live location info from the server and display in browser? I’d probably ATC more if there was a simple flash widget on the site for me to use to hook in to the server.
Anyway, I’m obviously no expert. Please let me know what you think.


Is this the type of thing you are talking about?


Precisely! The community produces some real amazing stuff! Good work @carmalonso on that one! Do you think it would be very hard for IF to enable input through something similar to allow ATC to work from browser? Obviously you need to be careful what you put in an API, for security.


Are you proposing:

All ATCs make an account on a website. When you want to be ATC, you log onto IF and the website. You then can control and send commands from that website to the person you are controlling.

Did I get it?

Edit: Never mind



At the moment, there is no interface for me to access ATC (other than to see what frequencies are active and display them on the map as I currently do).

However, this is something that could come soon, hang tight - I’ll let you know when I can do more on that front :).


Sure, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Sometimes my battery goes down, or I want to settle in for a long ATC run, so browser capability would be good.


If I do implement ATC via LiveFlight, you will still need to keep your phone on and running IF on the same network.


Okay, I see. But, I guess this way you get the higher quality UI of a PC. It would be nice to see something quite rugged and heavy duty if you ever implemented this, since part of the idea is really to have a heavy duty device to handle demanding work.
In other news, I see you’re working on an app for this- looks like you’re up to some awesome stuff, keep it up!
Edit: Do you think this ATC thing will ever come to LiveFlight, or is it a little far-fetched?


Thanks for the kind words :).

It probably will, but I’m waiting on some functionality to be added into IF soon before I can do that :).


@carmalonso. Mr. Carmalonso… Said some unkind things awhile back, think “Bootleg”. I was out of line. I now know the truth and retract all previous negatives. Better late than never. Sorry! Regards, Max


No worries Max! All’s good.