Online Live flight emergencies

Hey guys, I am wondering if there is away to have random problems on the flight for a more challenge and excitement such as birds hitting the engine, or tire blows out or even a fire and engine fire?
Thank you


Not at the moment. Hopefully, the developers will add this in the future as it makes the simulator better.


Let’s just let them concentrate on global for now :)


I think it would make Infinite Flight becomes more like Infinite Emergency…

But in all seriousness, I think it might be good if it’s added in the future. Like Jose Oscana said earlier, It hasn’t been implemented at the moment 😉


Exactly! I feel like some pilots will just overuse this.


that is because it is a good idea! this will only help us train for any emergencies in the real life.

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This is semi duplicate…
But since this (v) is a feature and yours isnt…

I wouldnt mind this but I dont feel it nessisary at this moment in time.

I don’t think pilots should be training for real life emergencies on a mobile flight simulator when (ATP’s in this case) have $10,000 Level D sims at heir airline HQ’s!

Sort of a duplicate

Technically, he’s not asking for these features to be added but just asking if they exist at all.

This has been discussed a lot [the linked post contains links to three other semi-duplicates,there are many more].

[BTW, your title should at least hint at the topic]


actually I am asking Both, sorry I didn’t add part I would like to see it added.

Ah, So this is a Feature request 😉

Adding to others said, You can’t post #features at the moment as you are currently a Basic Unfortunately. You need to be a Member in order to post a request. Just Read, Comment, And like to get Member Status 😊

And don’t forget, Always search before posting next time.

I hope this advice helps, Thanks 😉✌❤


Fixed that for ya until it’s closed 😉