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Hey all.

Does anyone else have a issue where their landings are not being counted in their stats. I done 10 landings, which showed up on the landings bar in game. I landed and taxied etc. Ended my flight and only 2 showed up. Any ideas.

Thanks in advance

Scott 😁


Maybe try doing a quick flight, might refresh stats:)

Or maybe you are landing to early on the RWY, if you land before Any markings on the RWY the game thinks it’s a taxiway so it won’t count as a landing, so land a little later on the RWY might work. 👍

it showed on the landing bar which means infinite flight counted it as a landing, i think he just needs a stat refresh and he’s good to go

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Well just gotta wait on a response again to know what’s up and I think this should be in #support as well

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So, thanks for your replies. A quick flight unfortunately did not work.

It did register on the bar, which I assumed infinite flight had registered a landing.

I’m gonna try to restart my phone, maybe that’ll kick it into play.

Are you looking at the total landing count or the 90 day landing count?
How far apart time wise was your landings?

So I’m looking at total landings on the stat page.

Time in between each landing maybe 3-7 minutes between each one.

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if your stat bar was counted then your stats must have not been 100% updated

I’ll send you a PM asking for your replay.

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Handled via PM. The landings performed did not meet the criteria of a proper landing for credit.