Online glitch

I was playing with my friends and they said my aircraft was keep on glitching out. I was flying around 2,000 ft while they are seeing my aircraft at around -2,000ft. All they could see is my aircraft glitching around the map. I have restarted my tablet and turned the wifi off and on but still nothing. Also tried installing and uninstalling and nope…Please help! I have some pictures as well. I have paid so much money on this and done want that to go to waste!
Thank you,
Ben Gilmore


Just to be 100%. This is still happening even though you went through the steps of reinstalling and all that?


Yes sir! I am not sure what to do…

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This is typically linked to a connection issue, for other players you will lag and appear in different places or under the ground. It should be fine once you end the flight though

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It hasnt stopped though. It happened last time I got Infinite flight. It was working fine for about 3-4 days then it was like this for the rest of the 26 days…

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Is your internet slow by any chance?

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No, I have fiber Optic. It is very powerful. Also on the live flight tracker app its shows my flight perfectly. Not all glitched out. However my mates saw different

I reckon it could be their connection then not yours.

It could but it is strange how there connection goes down at the exact same time. About 5 people were with me in the flight and all 5 of them got to see me glitching out.

You don’t have the possibility to try on another network? Cellular or maybe use hotspot from another device using that connection? As others are seeing you this way, i find it hard to believe it’s their connection. However, if everything looks good on LiveFlight/Infinite Tracker the Infinite Flight API is sending the right values so it’s somewhat contradicting.


Unfortunately there isn’t any other network I can connect too.

Crap. I’d really like to help you out here but it’s hard… Never heard of this kind of issue prior to this.

What device are you using?


Try running a speed test online, report back with your speed.

Hudl 2. I am on Android 5.1. I dont think this would be the problem

Only thing I can think of now is to lower your settings for Live. I think it’s best to ask @Tyler_Shelton about this and to see if it has recurred with any other users

Speed test for my wifi connection?

Yep, not what your ISP tells you, but an actual test online.

Okai, how do I get in contact with him?

He should help you when he is free as he is support but if not then PM him directly, give it a few hours I say.

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DM him. I doubt this is a speed issue causing this… I would actually like to see this for myself. As i know all my stuff works 100%.