Online Flight Log not Synced with Playback

After the update 20.3 I took a long flight FAOR to OMDB, after I landed and ended my session I noted that the flight was not registered on my statistics. So I reviewed the replay to check. The replay shows I landed at OMDB and taxied off the runway as I recall, however, the log does not show my destination airport. The log shows that my flight was incomplete as though I aborted mid flight. Kindly advise or is this a bug?

Potentially a very easy issue - confirm you had a flight plan that ended at Dubai and not just the STAR?

Yes, I filed a flight plan that ended with OMDB.


This is most likely the cause of you being disconnected.
If you look at the replay, what are the final messages you see on the left side?

Yes, you are right I was disconnected for 69 seconds but reconnected. In the past when this would happen mid-flight, it reconnects, you get all green ticks and when you complete your flight it still would reflect correctly on the log.


Given that the issues happened just as you were about to land, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet it was the cause here.

We update this server side in intervals. And if that flow is disrupted, the data can’t be processed.

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Happy 😊
Thanks for the explanation…