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Quick question… if i spawn at airport and dispawn it does my online flight count?

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I do not think it counts,
only one full flight is recorded

You’re talking about the record book, right?

I believe he is talking about this:

Also I do not believe this should be in the #support category,as that is only for problems in the simulator. I think this should either be in #general or #live.


I’m not really sure what you mean but I’ll give it a try.
Obviously you’re not going to get any landing out of it for your stats and also you will not get any flight time either. To gather flight time, you will need to fly. Whe connecting to a server, this will appear on your logbook but it won’t benefit your statistics.
Hope your questions is answered.

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Just change it to General… yes for example i spawn at EGLL and i quit the flight does my Online Flight count?

Try it and then tell us haha easy to find out!

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ive noticed it does count for me, therefore my flight/landing ratio is ruined


If you are talking about hours, it shouldnt add them as it only does that when airborne i believe?

For your online flight count displayed on your stats page, you have to take off for it to count.

On the other hand, anytime that you spawn, a “flight” will show up in your logbook.

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thank u… i guess my online flight counts once i spawn… just wanted my Online Flight and Landing are equal…

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