Online community flying please help

Hi I wonder if some one could give me some basic advise. I have thousands of flying hours in real life and am both Ex Royal Air Force flight crew on fast jets and ex airline flight crew. I have been flying infinite flight for a few years mainly flying offline local lights or around the south east of England and mainly in the F14 A/C.Type. I purchased membership for a month and managed to get on line once since then each time I try to get on line I’m told that I do not have enough experience to fly on the community. Can some one advise me on how I can achieve flying within the online community

Especially with Great ATC and Pilots!

Welcome to Community, #tutorials and @David Video that intoduced live would help you A Lot!

Hello Owen,

Firstly, welcome to the online community and thank you for your service.

Next, maybe you are getting this error because you are attempting to connect to the Advanced Server, for this you need to be grade 3, more information on how to grade up is mentioned on the attached image.

Any further questions, please reply back!

The server you need to start on is now called casual server then once you get required xp you will be able to move up to training server where you can then practice atc or fly with people acting as atc and thank you for you service and welcome to the community