Online but not online?

Hi, i experienced this the day before yesterday and i didnt think much of it until i experienced it yesterday.

So the crusp of it is this. I fly normally on a route say OMDB-VIJP connected to the server and wifi. Some time afterwards i cant see other users/boxes/planes. However i can still make inputs and the green tick mark is there on the top right. This i solve temporarily by disconnecting and reconnecting in the same network again. After some time the same thing happens and i solve it the same way.

Yesterday when this happend to me i switched from wifi to data and it is solved so what i want to know is if the problem is because of my network or not

This shows me talking in jaipur unicom but i recieve dubai traffic callouts.

This was after i switched to wifi again where all planes disappeared and it was a busy airport. The I’m sorry callout was to show i could make inputs but the atc couldnt see it

I will send a few more panic screenshots i took if necessary
Device: Samsung A8
Operating system: Android

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Was this on the expert server? If so it might just be a bug with the switchover and worth reporting here:

Other users seem to have experienced something similar.


I’ve had the same problem.

It was on there, I’ll try reporting it there too

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Live servers are offline since yesterday. I have tried to connect twice today but I could not. Please fix this problem. Thank you.

They are very much online.


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