Online but not online and other issues in training server

This think happened when I fly route between KLAX-LFPG with Boeing 787-9 and Callsign “Tahiti Airlines 8”

First it happened with my screen show I online but when I Check at LiveFlight and InfiniteX I can’t see my flight, so I turn off and turn on my internet and it work I can see my flight on LiveFlight again.
but I can’t communicate with ATC. I see message of other Aircraft but when I send my message to ATC, ATC don’t respond me back. So I turn off and turn on my Internet again, but it doesn’t work. I can’t communicate anything with ATC!


The green check mark on the top right shows you are connected. On LiveFlight and InfiniteX, it was probably a glitch with locating your flight. As long as you can see your flight now, you should be fine.

ATC on the training server can have unpredictable controllers, as they are not trained. As a result, they might not respond to every ATC request.

Okay, but it can happen if ATC don’t want to respond my message but it can’t happen with every ATC
No one respond my message and it didn’t happen with only 1 flight but in yesterday it happen too ATC don’t respond my message

I don’t really know what happen but I think ATC didn’t receive my message even

And issue about my Status that show me online or not online didn’t happen only this flight but it happened with 1 day ago too

Okay. Then this is possibly an issue with your device, so you will need to contact support:

You can also check out the FAQ articles (assuming it’s a performance issue on your end) here: Support FAQ - Please read this before posting!

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Okay, thank for your help 🙏

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