Ongoing Weather Issues

I have not had a flight in a long time where the METAR wind matched the actual wind at touchdown. It’s making things pretty tricky. It’s not even close every time.

Check this out. Let me know if this helps :)

Could you find some way to illustrate this? Do you mean at actual, wheels-on-the-ground touchdown? Because even at 2k, 3k feet, etc, it’s winds aloft, not surface winds. (Even without landing, if you just spawn at an airport, are the winds different from the METAR? Those should be what you’d see at touchdown, so it’d be easy to take a picture and show.)

Hmm, I was able to find one on my own. Interesting.

Actual: 220@12kts

I wonder if the slight field elevation from sea level is making it show winds aloft at 1k feet or something.

I’ve never noticed a vast difference before, though. Did this just start happening?


On the other hand, the METAR seems ill-formatted perhaps:

Had the same issue landing at KBOS last night.

METAR was telling me that I had a gentle headwind but reality was that I had a 21 Lt tailwind as I crossed the threshold. Of course I should have gone around, instead a made a very messy landing!

ALWAYS time to go around!

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