Ongoing stikes made me spot longer than I planned on, but I don't regret it! EHAM

Wanted to do a short Schiphol spotting sesh, but in the Netherlands bus drives are currently on a strike for a whole week. This meant most busses didn’t drive, but some did. Of course I just wanted to see some planes so I took my chances and went to Schiphol after college. After taking 3 busses (I took one wrong bus back to schiphol again, it was chaos) I finally arrived at runway 24 and took a couple of pictures:

  1. My favorite of the day, the new Ember 195 E2 of KLM.

  2. KLM 787 from Atlanta I believe.

  3. KLM Embrear 175 with the Amsterdam zuidas skyline in the back.

I saw many more planes but these are my favorite pictures from this place.
After like 1,5 hours of standing here/walking a bit around it was time to go, but of course, the busses barely drove. There at the bus station was a little hill with a highway on top. I climbed on the hill and this was a perfect place to watch some planes. There I took some more cool pictures:

  1. Yess big boy

  2. I really like this livery idk

  3. I will not be going to Podkarpakie but thanks, cute plane

  4. Idk why but I see this plane almost every time I go to schiphol, still lovely.

After 30 minutes of siting on that hill a bus finally arrived and I could go home :D


This caption had me laughing for a good 5 minutes.


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