Oneworld Virtual | Bringing The World Together


Oneworld Virtual - Bringing The World Together

Founded in 2018, Oneworld Virtual has always strived for excellence. All of our member VA’s are based around the world, allowing our pilots to truly explore the globe. With airlines being based from North America to Australia, our alliance is truly bringing the world together.


The Oneworld Virtual Alliance was originally formed in August of 2018 and was an immediate success. Unfortunately though, in October 2018, American Virtual shut down. All Oneworld operations were halted until a new American Virtual was to be opened. That day came in November, and then the alliance reopened with 2 other members. Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines and Finnair Virtual Airlines brought new things to the alliance, with Cathay being our key to China and Finnair taking us to the great lands of Iceland. Then, in the middle of March in 2019, Qantas Virtual was also added to the alliance. Now that brings us to today, so let’s get back into the present.


Oneworld Virtual is a 5 member alliance, and we are working on getting all Oneworld Airlines into the Alliance. Our unique motto, bringing the world together, signifies major airlines around the world forming an alliance to provide destinations around the world.

One of our main ways of communication is Discourse. The OWC is where all members of the alliance can talk, post, and some of our events will be posted here as well. If you would like to join the community, click below!

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The Oneworld Virtual alliance currently has five members. All members are listed below, along with some info on the Virtual Airline.

American Virtual


American Virtual is a founding member of the Oneworld Alliance. With 160 pilots and 2000+ routes, it is the second largest member of the alliance in terms of pilots and is the first in terms of route numbers.
Website | Thread | Instagram

British Airways Virtual


British Airways Virtual is a founding member of Oneworld Virtual and also has been heavily involved with the alliance since its start. “From our London hubs, let us take you all around the world.”

Website | Thread | Instagram

Cathay Pacific Virtual

Cathay Pacific Virtual is your gateway to Asia and the surrounding areas. It is a great virtual airline for all of those around the world to fly for or with. This airline consists of a large fleet spanning from A321’s to 777’s.

Website | Thread

Qantas Virtual Group

Qantas Virtual Group is the first Virtual Airline that was ever created on the Infinite Flight Community. Beginning operations in 2012, our priority from the start has been to connect Australia to the world. Now we’re embarking on the New Era, providing our pilots with the best experience possible through our connection with the OneWorld Virtual Alliance.
There isn’t a better time to join the most experienced Virtual Airline.

Website | Thread | Instagram

Qatar Virtual

Qatar Virtual is a newly approved VA based in Doha. With routes all over the middle east, Europe, Asia and more, this VA has tons to offer and routes you have never seen before.
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Our Staff consists of highly skilled members that are able to complete any task given to them. Our Staff team is below.

Oneworld Admins

Oneworld Alliance President

Oneworld Alliance Legislature
@Dylan_Bright // AAVA
@CJHoughton // BAVA
@Josh // QVG

Oneworld Moderators

@Adam_Williams // BAVA
@Matthew_Chan // CXVA
@Luke_M // QVG
@Jake_Savage // QRVA


We have to thank all of the Staff, and everyone who helped with the alliance. We would also like to thank everyone who always supports the alliance to truly make us who we are. Thank you for viewing our thread, and we will see you in the Infinite Flight Skies!



Amazing thread OWV!

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You guys are surly bringing the world together!

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If you need help with anything. Hit me up! Your thread is awesome!

Absolutely love the new graphics!


On behalf of the oneworld staff, I would like to say that I am proud of what we have been able to achieve so far. We all are excited for the future of oneworld and have many things planned for the alliance that will be implemented in the future. I hope the pilots of our member airlines will too enjoy the greatness this alliance provides, and thank them for their support in this alliance. We couldn’t have done any of this without our pilots help.

Chris Hoover, oneworld President


We’re very excited to have joined the alliance and can’t wait to truly connect Australia to the world in this new partnership. ✈️👨‍✈️


Great thread! I’m very excited to have joined the alliance!

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Qatar Virtual Joining The oneworld Virtual Alliance

Qatar Virtual, a newly approved virtual airline based in Doha has just joined the alliance! With routes all over the middle east, Europe, Asia and more, this VA has tons to offer and routes you have never seen before. We are very ecstatic that they are joining the alliance and know that they will make it even greater. If you would like to join the VA, their thread and website are linked below.

Qatar Virtual Thread
Qatar Virtual Website


Welcome aboard!

We would like to give a warm welcome to @Harry_Cook as he will be taking the President role at the oneworld Virtual Alliance! We know this is a large role to take on, so we are very grateful he is here to make the alliance even stronger. Welcome aboard! 🥂



Check out our first leg of our round the world tour and reserve your gate!


Leg 2 of our Around the World Series takes us to Doha, the hub of our newest member airline Qatar. Make sure to reserve your spot!


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