Oneworld Virtual Alliance Official Thread | Bringing the World Together


~Oneworld Virtual Alliance~

Bringing the World Together

Oneworld Virtual was founded in early 2018, bringing together two of the greatest VAs in the Virtual Airline community, American Virtual and British Airways Virtual.


~Oneworld’s History~

As said above, Oneworld was founded in early 2018 by American Virtual and British Airways Virtual with a goal to bring the Virtual Airline community together, one airline at a time.

Recently American Virtual and British Airways Virtual revisited the alliance’s structure and terms, and decided to make some big changes which are outlined in the “About Oneworld” section of this thread.

The changes are VA changing, but the staff at American Virtual and British Airways Virtual are happy to say that the effort to bring the two airlines closer together has worked out tremendously.

Continue reading to find out about the present state of Oneworld. We can ensure you that you will be astonished to see the new face of Oneworld, and what the alliance has evolved into.


~About The Oneworld Virtual Alliance~

Currently the alliance consists of two Virtual Airlines, American Virtual (AAVA) and British Airways Virtual (BAVA). The two airlines have special and unique connections within the alliance. Oneworld is currently working to get all of the Oneworld Virtual Airlines certified into the alliance so that we can continue to achieve our goal of bringing the world together.


~The Alliance Staff Team~

The alliance staff consists of 3 members from each VA, structured to ensure success for the alliance and the VAs in the alliance. Below is the list of staff who are entrusted with guiding Oneworld’s Operations.

-Chris Hoover // AAVA // @Chris_Hoover
-Matt Elphick // BAVA @Matt

-Bobby Klesch // AAVA // @Bobby
-Mathew E // AAVA // @TwinsRock88
-Ben Tyson // BAVA // @BenTyson
-CJ // BAVA // @CJHoughton

In addition to those above, @Nichalas_Petranek and @ShadowOutlaw are discourse admins so they can keep up with site maintenance and continue to add plugins that help make the discourse more useful.


~Airlines In The Alliance~


American Virtual Airlines
American Virtual was founded in early 2017, and instantly became a key member of the Virtual Airline community. The airline is the second largest member of Oneworld with 145 pilots, and is continuing to grow at a steady rate. American Virtual is a founding member of the Oneworld Alliance, which is why the staff do everything they can to make Oneworld apart of their daily operations.

Website | Thread | Instagram

British Airways Virtual
British Airways Virtual is the largest airline in the Virtual Airline community with over 200 pilots. It is also one of the earliest founded airlines in the Infinite Flight Community. The airline is a founding member of the Oneworld Virtual Alliance, and the staff are always coming up with ways to make Oneworld a better alliance for all airlines in it.

Website | Thread | Instagram


~Current Codeshare/Partnership Agreements~

Oneworld Virtual Alliance operates much like the real life Oneworld Alliance. Giving airlines in the alliance freedom to make agreements with each other, which can range from codeshare agreements to partnerships. Below outlines the current airlines in the alliance and their agreements.

American Virtual

Agreement With British Airways Virtual

-The two airlines came to terms on a combined rank structure, using a little bit of both previous rank structures to make one
-All routes that AAVA offers are available to BAVA, and all routes that BAVA offers are available to AAVA. However the pilots must be of rank to fly certain routes
-Frequent events with BAVA

British Airways Virtual

Agreement With American Virtual

-The two airlines came to terms on a combined rank structure, using a little bit of both previous rank structures to make one.
-All routes that BAVA offers are available to AAVA, and all routes that AAVA offers are available to BAVA. However the pilots must be of rank to fly certain routes.
-Frequent events with AAVA


~Oneworld Today, One World Tomorrow~

Oneworld today is bringing the world together. Tomorrow, the alliance is doing the same thing. This Oneworld revamp is a game changer for the alliance, and it was much needed. Now, Oneworld can reach its full potential.

As always we have to thank the staff teams of each VA for their continued support in making this alliance great. In addition to this we hope that by bringing airlines together, we can make the community a better place for all. Thanks for visiting our thread, and we hope to see you in the Infinite Flight skies!


Its obvious that tonnes of work have gone into the alliance, making it one of, if not the best alliance on the IFC. A combination of the two most professional, and two of the largest VAs on offer, its an honor to be part of this amazing alliance. The code-share routes that this brings opens up a whole world of opportunity for both sides, and I, as well as everyone else at BAVA look forwards to what this can bring to our Virtual Airlines and also the community!
Happy Flying All,


Best alliance in all of Infinite Flight, most professional by far and has two awesome VA’s run by great leaders. Keep it up Oneworld!


Sounds absolutely brilliant. Really looking forward to the joint events! The leadership of this is one of a kind. Top work guys!


Looks Amazing. Hopefully we can see the other Oneworld VAs in Infinite Flight join so we can truly cement this as the strongest alliance in Infinite Flight.


This looks like a great partnership between 2 great VAs. As a previous member of both of these organisations I can safely say that they are well worth your time if you’re looking to dip your toes into VAs for the first time, or if you’re a seasoned veteran looking to fly some different routes from your previous!

One question for the alliance, is this going to stay true to RL and have only the real one world members or are you going to become a virtual alliance based on the real world counterpart and invite fictional VAs also?


For now we are going to be sticking to just the real world airlines. In the future we may look at expanding to other airlines but not for the time being.


Thank you everyone for your support. We look forward to many bright things from both participating airlines and the addition of more Oneworld virtual airlines!

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Wow Skyteam VA and now OneWorld

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Oneworld has been around for quite some time actually, this is just our new thread and revamp ;)


Glad to see the OneWorld Alliance reworked as new as ever, and I’m glad to be part of it as well!


Loool,I’ve must have not been on the IFC
Only started being active in June

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For those who haven’t seen the thread, OpenSkies, an affiliate of Oneworld will cease on the 2nd September; They are merging with Level. To give them a respected virtual send off, there is a TransAtlantic flight taking place on the 2nd September, have a look at the following thread for more details and to grab yourself a gate!


Seeing as Air Berlin was a member of Oneworld, this seems like something we should get behind!



~Alliance Update~

The Oneworld Virtual Alliance has been doing a lot of behind the scenes work, certifying new virtual airlines into the alliance, working on a 3 month event schedule set to start in October, and some other cool neat things that you will now be able to experience.

LATAM Virtual Joins Oneworld

LATAM Virtual is a fairly new South American based virtual airline, which offers routes in South America that no other virtual airlines could provide. This is what makes LATAM Virtual such a key member to the Oneworld Virtual Alliance. This virtual airline is not a founding member of the alliance, however they are heavily involved with ensuring we stick to our motto, “Bringing The World Together.”

~Oneworld Discourse // Available To YOU!~

Recently the Oneworld Admins and Moderators got together and decided that the best way to achieve our goal of Bringing The World Together, is to allow anyone from any VA or the IFC to join the Oneworld discourse.

We hope that you take this chance and join the Oneworld discourse community (much like this one on the IFC) so that you have the chance to interact with Oneworld pilots, as well as pilots from other virtual airlines, and people that do happen to join through this thread as well!

We would like our Oneworld Community to be a place just like the IFC, where you can make new friends, learn more about people you do and don’t know, and have access to countless opportunities while being a member on there. We look forward to seeing you in our soon to be active community that we have just started! Once you get logged in, feel free to begin making topics, replying to others and what not! Our home is your home :)

Join Our Discourse Here!

Please note that Misha has approved of us advertising our discourse link on this thread and this thread only.



As news is slowly filtering out about American Virtual’s closure we wanted to give an update about how this will effect Oneworld Virtual Alliance.

Following the news the American is closing down the Senior Leadership team at BAVA have taken the decision to suspend Oneworld operation effective immediately. We came to this decision quite easily due to the fact that BA and AA were the two main players in the alliance and without one you lose the aim of an alliance which is collaboration.

In the meantime the BAVA team will look at wayang to improve the alliance ready for reopening. We have no firm date on reopening as this will heavily depend on if a new American Virtual is made and if so by whom and when. We look forward to the opportunity of working with a new American Virtual when the time comes.

Finally a huge thank you to @Chris_Hoover who not only is the President of AAVA but also the mastermind of Oneworld. Without him we wouldn’t be here today. Thank you Chris!