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~Oneworld Virtual Alliance~

Bringing The World Together

Since 2018, the Oneworld Virtual Alliance has been serving those all across the world. Today, we are happy to announce that we are now once again better than ever with this relaunch.


~Our History~

The Oneworld Alliance was founded in 2018 by American Airlines Virtual and British Airways Virtual with a goal to bring the world together.

This was an ultimate success, as pilots got to know pilots from other virtual airlines, they could fly further with codeshares and could participate in events with all Oneworld pilots.

In August of 2018, Oneworld Virtual got the revamp it needed to continue to accomplish our common goal. It was once again successful for all members of the alliance and Oneworld was striving once again.

Unfortunately in late October of 2018, a founding member of Oneworld Virtual, American Airlines Virtual shut down, and Oneworld operations were haulted until a new American Virtual was to be opened.

That day came in November, and in addition to American Virtual and British Airways Virtual, two other founding members were added. One being Cathay Pacific Virtual Airlines and Finnair Virtual Airlines.

This brings us to today, so let’s hop back into the present.


~About Us~

Oneworld is currently a four member alliance and is actively working on getting all Oneworld Virtual Airlines certified into the alliance. Each of the current member airlines have special connections inside the alliance.

Our motto, bringing the world together, will never cease to exist and will continue to be our goal for the lifetime of the alliance.

One way we do this, which hasn’t been mentioned yet, is by utilizing a discourse community. This is where we house all of our interalliance communications. Anyone is allowed to join the community if they choose! The link is listed below.

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Oneworld Virtual currently has four airlines in the alliance. They are listed below along with a little information about them.

American Airlines Virtual


American Virtual is a founding member of the Oneworld Alliance. With 100 pilots and 9,000 flight schedules, it is the second largest member of the alliance in terms of pilots, and is the first in terms of route number. Ever since it’s founding, the airline has been heavily involved with the alliance and will continue to be until its demise.

Website | Thread | Instagram

British Airways Virtual

British Airways Virtual is a founding member of Oneworld Virtual and also has been heavily involved with the alliance since its start. It is the largest airline in terms of pilot count with 150 pilots. With routes to over 100 destinations, pilots can connect to the world from their hubs in England.

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Cathay Pacific Airways Virtual

Cathay Pacific Virtual is your gateway to China and the surrounding areas. It is a great virtual airline for all of those around the world to fly for or with. This airline is a new founding member and are looking forward to becoming involved as possible with the alliance!

Website | Thread

Finnair Virtual Airlines


Finnair Virtual is brand new to the community. It has a lot of unique destinations that helps bridge the gap between our airlines routes. The airline is rapidly growing and is dedicated to being involved as a founding member.

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~Our Staff~

The Oneworld staff team is structured in a way we know the alliance will be able to succeed with. Our staff structure and team is below.

@Chris_Hoover // AAVA
@Matt // BAVA
@Matthew_Chan // CXV
@2003iggy // FVA

@VAnuj // AAVA
@JGrant639 // AAVA
@Nichalas_Petranek // BAVA
@Adam_Williams // BAVA
@Panther // CXV
@the777fan / CXV
@Mika // FVA
@DaRealAziz // FVA



Oneworld Virtual has over 300 pilots flying in a member airline. In total we have about 25,000 schedules getting you across the world at whatever time and place you need to go and get to. More statistics are to come as we progress as an alliance.

For more information or if you have a question about our alliance, feel free to message one of the admins!


~Oneworld Today, Oneworld Tomorrow~

Oneworld today is bringing the world together, tomorrow we are doing the same thing. This relaunch of the alliance is what Oneworld needs to get back on its feet to achieve this goal.

As always we have to thank the Oneworld staff as well as the staff teams of the member airlines who continuously support the alliance in any and every way possible. We also hope with this alliance, we can help make the community a better place. Thanks for visiting our thread and we shall see you all in the Infinite Flight Skies!


Welcome back, OneWorld!

Glad to have you back! :D

On behalf of vCX, glad to see one world come back alive. We also wish for a good partnership for the times to come

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On behalf of all the staff at Finnair Virtual, I would like, firstly, to pass on a hearty thanks to @Chris_Hoover for getting this all set up neatly under difficult circumstances, and to say that we massively look forward to the opportunities and friendships this will bring. Here is to the future of One World!


BAVA is proud to be apart if this alliance!

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American Virtual is excited to be founding the alliance once again. Thanks to everyone who shows their unending support for Oneworld as well as the airlines in it. See you all in the skies!



The team here at BAVA are proud to support the ongoing effort to bring the world together. Having joined forces with 3 of the 4 original real world founders speaks volumes as to what we can accomplish! We look forward to the many things to come of this great alliance.


Hi @OneworldVirtual, I’m part of Tailwind Flying Club and was wondering if I can Still be part of this organization or if I have to be in one of the airlines. Thanks

If so, I will join American Virtual but just wondering

If you join us at American Virtual, you will automatically be invited to have the benefits above as well as the opportunity to participate in our joint events.

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