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Hello IFC! I’m going to be starting a new project over my winter break. I want to do an around the world trip with each of the three major alliances (OneWorld, Star Alliance, and SkyTeam). I will be starting with OneWorld alliance. Here is a list of all of the flights I will be doing:

KAUS-KDFW American A321

KDFW-SCEL American 787-9 (Sub 787-8)

SCEL-YSSY Latam 787-9

YSSY-NFFN Qantas 737-800

NFFN-VHHH Fiji Airways A330-300 (Generic)

VHHH-VCBI Cathay Pacific A330-300

VCBI-WMKK Sri Lankan A330-300

WMKK-RJAA Malaysian Airlines A350-900


EFHK-LEMD Finnair A321

LEMD-GMMN Iberia CRJ-1000

GMMN-OJAI Royal Air Maroc 737-800 (Sub 737-700)

OJAI-OTHH Royal Jordanian 787-8

OTHH-EGLL Qatar A380

EGLL-KAUS British Airways 777-300ER

And for a more visual representation here’s a map:
Screenshot 2019-12-21 at 5.00.35 PM

If you have any suggestions, questions, comments, etc. let me know!


Sounds good, maybe I can join sometime?

I’m always in for a groupflight

I’d also like to join. I would recommend you also changing the “visual representation” as it contradicts the text.

How so? Did I make a mistake?

Slightly odd routing in Europe/North Africa and Asia, but that surely is a cool project. I love such nice and fun ideas!

If you need any help designing a round the world trip for example with Star Alliance carriers feel free to send me a PM!

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Yes I know the routing is VERY strange but it’s the only way I could make it work. I basically had every airline have a flight departing their hub and this was very complicated because some routes I could only fly one way.

Also I’d love to work with you for Star Alliance! I did OneWorld first because it had the fewest airlines but it still took me 2 or 3 hours because I had to scrap my design dozens of times 😂


I can imagine that being really difficult to manage, with all those carriers at times barely connected to each other apart from being part of one alliance.

Going from hub to hub isn’t a bad idea for sure!

Feel free to PM me once it’s time for the planning! Being from Germany I hopefully can help with some less known links in Europe (and probably also beyond).

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First leg if you’d like to join!

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