Onetime airways MD-80

                 Why this airline

Although onetime doesn’t fly anymore the airline played a big role in what South African arlines are today. I just thought that Infinite Flight could have some more South African airlines.

I know Mango and Kulula is in the game but it would be nice to add just one more.

Looks interesting, but is this the Boeing 717 or the MD-80?

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ZS-TRE was an MD-82, sadly it was scrapped.

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Looks too much like McDonalds. I don’t like McDonald’s, but I do like the luvery.

Most of the MD-80s are retired or date of retirement is soon approaching. Therefore I will not vote because I want an aircraft that is still widely used.

Looks very nice! But we don’t have the MD-80 in IF unfortunately… :(
So there’s no point of this request because we have the B717.

This picture brings back memories!
Seeing these birds of old fly over my home at FACT on final really made the little boy inside light up with delight!
Sadly I don’t have a free vote but I fully support this request. What great memories this brings back.

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Surely there is a point! You never know, the devs might add this beautiful bird to IF. :)

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Even if the plane isn’t in IF, people are allowed to make livery feature requests.

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Is it possible that the team can put the livery on the 717?

I flew 1time alot like alot. They took me all over South Africa and I was very sad to hear that the company will shut down… :(

This honestly looks like a B717, the only difference is the engines, the cockpit looks exactly the same with the top windows.

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