OneLetterShor2’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A


Status: Closed


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I’ll stop by

Thanks @infiniteflight_17 for stopping by!

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Some feedback from my time -
-The pushback approval wasn’t necessary as my aircraft selection is unable to perform that action. Instead, you’d just give a taxi instruction.
-On my first pattern, you cleared me and told me to make left traffic again which is considered repetitive. You gave my direction when I’m in the pattern on my takeoff command (left traffic) so by clearing me and telling me to make left traffic again is repeating yourself. You’d only give a traffic direction if they are inbound for a touch and go, you need to switch up direction of pattern for a specific aircraft, or when an aircraft changes runway.
-I never received an exit command

Enjoyed coming!

Thanks for the feedback!

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I’m open at KMQY!

Im open at KALN!

Open for a while at PHKO

Open at KFFZ! **EDIT Closed

Open at PHOG! **Edit Closed


Open @ KBHM

Hi, thanks for your service

Great session!


  • You forgot to give me a make left/right traffic instruction after the runway change.

Thats all. Other than that perfect session!

(Also, sorry for that 2nd touch&go, I kinda forgot I was in the a350 and not a TBM 😁)

Thanks for the feedback!

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Open again at KMHK closed

Open @ KNLC! Had to close early

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Open @ KCAE Closed

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Coming for a bit like 15min

Sorry needed to go
I have only one thing
you sad “exit runway when able and contact ground”
I exited and requested frequency change, you sad contact ground. I was already instructed to change to ground so you should have told me that I already where instructed to change frequency. But over all great job!

Thanks for the feedback! I pretty sure there is not a “duplicate freq change” for tower which is why I told you to contact ground.

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