One year subscription is expensive than 2 x 6 months subscription

Hey Guys,

looking at the subscriptions rates, it felt quite strange that one year subscription is expensive than 2 x 6 months subscription.

I normally don’t go for a yearly subscription, because I like taking break inbetween but just wanted to point out the oddity.


Suggestion - It would be great if we had a 3 month subscription plan

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Many subscriptions are like this, not just IF. Anything from Xbox Live to streaming services.

This may be true in your country but in United States it’s different. The 12 months is a decent amount cheaper than the 6 month option.

Duration Price (USD)
1 Month $9.99
6 Months $49.99
12 Months $79.99

May be its Google or the pricing is not updated for my country

Hey Aravind, thanks for pointing this out. Google handle the exchange rates on the store based on our baseline prices in USD (mentioned by @CaptainZac above), and for some reason this has caused the yearly sub to be slightly more expensive.

We’ll take a look at this to see what can be done on our end for a future update. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks. That’s wonderful to hear.

Agreed!it would be great if we had 3months plan

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I’ll get working on a feature request.

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