One Year, One Month Later

So give or take a week or so.

I’ve been on global for one year and one month.

XP: 1,004,236
Flight Time: 1413h43m
Grade 5 (actually went down to 3 for a bit cause I couldn’t keep up with 90 landings)
Online Flights: 1149
Landings: 1150
Violations: 0/12mo (7 Lifetime)

That doesn’t count all the solo years prior, not sure how long ago but there were no A320s and there was a space shuttle.

I’m wondering if I play too much :)


I think I play too much too 😐

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Ahhh, the Year Sub is my favourite

The frick, I feel so sub-par around these great beings. Congrats my dude!!

I never have enough money at one time to pay for the year, always goes to a bigger bill lol

I’m thinking that if could have managed to do that IRL I still wouldn’t have enough hours to qualify to be hired as an FO on a commercial carrier

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I could never be a Grade 5, lel. That’s too much time, energy and hours that I’d rather spend on anything else


That’s alright, what matters is that you have fun flying in this Incredible Simulator. And who knows, you’ll probably have more time in the future, and become a grade 5. Good Luck Bro!

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I’ll say no, you don’t play to much. Because, if I were to say that to you then I’d have to accept that I play to much and there’s no way I’m ready for that sort of admission.

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How do you have more landings than flights?

This is what happens when you retire lol and that your new actor passion hasn’t gotten you any new bookings in a while lol. Well they do come but there are times with a lot of down time lol.

Wish the gameplay actually got me somewhere lol … Even a beta tester would be cool ;) I know how to keep secrets… Haha

Pattern work/touch and goes

Touch and Gos, basically all I do

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