One Year On The IFC | Where Am I Now?


One year ago, I joined the Infinite Flight Community. Now, it may not be 5 years, or 500 active days, but an accomplishment nonetheless. This accomplishment, in which I have achieved, signifies that I’ve been on the IFC for over a year. Through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the funny, I’ve been here. I never thought I’d be here or be active for a year, but it happened, and look at me now! For this post, I would like to reminisce in the good olde days, of when I joined, and though my IFC journey until now.

My IFC journey started on May 11, 2019, at 2:15PM-ish. My first post, was on this thread, at 2:24PM (eastern time for both). My first post was int he events category, yet I’ve never made an event, which is pretty ironic. Anyway, back then, I had to wait for my posts to be approved, and I was a TL0, so I couldn’t do anything special. Later that day, I achieved TL1.

When I became a basic user (TL1), I thought I was king of the world. That’s when I created my first topics. This was my first topic. Don’t ask how it’s in #real-world-aviation if I was a basic user, it was moved there. Later, I made a few more topics, one in #support, and one in #general. Once I got the hang of the IFC (or so I thought) I went and made a #screenshots-and-videos topic. The same category which in the future would become my most active and well known. Turns out I didn’t know how the IFC worked. I tried again another day, and that’s how I became one of the most frequent #screenshots-and-videos members. After that, while I was still new, I made several topics that were either duplicates or unsuccessful. Hey, I was new, not a well-known member yet, so I kinda expected that.

Within a month of me joining, in June of 2019, I achieved the rank of member, or TL2. Again, I went like I was the greatest person alive, so many opportunities opened up for me. I wanted to make an event, but never got around to it sadly, but I still hope to do so one day. I remained active during the whole of summertime, and into fall. I went to Airventure Oshkosh, and met part of the IF team there. I continued to make #screenshots-and-videos topics, and occasionally others as well. During this time I was able to learn so much about aviation in the real world, and I also learned a lot about how IF works, and during this time I also started flying on expert server more frequently.

This probably isn’t good, but I forgot when I first achieved regular for the first time, but I know I got regular. After a week or two, classified happened. I lost regular then (some of you who were regulars in November know what happened to a bunch of us). I eventually gained regular back, in December 2019, and since then I haven’t lost it again. I try not to take it for granted, but that’s hard sometimes, especially when you’ve kept regular while others have gotten and lost it before your eyes.

Being completely honest, I sometimes feel like I’m not the best member of the IFC. I’m not the most helpful, or the nicest, but I strive to try my best to make the IFC a better place, and that’s what counts in my book. And I feel like I’ve done that, and I’ll continue to try and make the IFC better. In my year of being on the IFC, I’ve learned so much, and had some great experiences here.

I’m thankful for everyone in the IFC, and some people that have helped me along my journey include, but are not limited to:

The IF developer team
Y’all do so much for all of us, in the year that I’ve been here, I’ve seen so many amazing things you’ve created be launched. Thanks for being awesome, I’ll be forever grateful.

Without y’all, we wouldn’t have an expert sever, nor would we have a airports to fly to. From making, and fixing the airports, and controlling them, you do a great job, all of you. Thank you!

The IFC moderation team
Thanks to y’all, the IFC is nice, civil and generally a great place. Y’all keep everything in order, and make sure the IFC doesn’t get out of hand. Thanks so much!

Also, shout out to @DeerCrusher. Do you remember that PM that we had on my first day, something about an issue for my account? I do, and I’m glad that got sorted out, because I had never heard of the other guy you mentioned. 😂 Thanks for being a good moderator too.

Now the big question, will I stick around the IFC?


This forum has been so great to me, and everyone is so encouraging. I hope to stick around here, wether that be for another year, or more, I’m staying. One year ago I never thought I’d be where I am, but look at me! Thank you to everyone on the IFC, y’all are the reason I’ve stuck around. Stay safe out there!

Thanks @anon9524891 for doing the IF livery formation with me. The photos turned out great!



We may not be close, but I aporeciate you being on the community! It’s nice to have you here mate and congratulations 🥳

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Congrats on one year and to many more!

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Thank you both, @Vinne and @anon9524891!

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What an inspiring message.

@Butter_Boi, thank you for being a great person, a trustworthy person, someone that I can talk to. It’s a pleasure to have friends like you and I cannot wait for the future!

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Happy that you’ve been here! Also like the Southwest scimitar pfp!

To one year and many more to come!!

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Where can you see that? Your first post

And btw, congrats🎉

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Congratulations! While we may not talk a lot, you’re a really great community member. I really enjoy working on that CLT event with you a while back. I’m reminiscing about when I first joined as well, as I’m closing in on one year, like many others!

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Ahhh @Matthew_20204’s famous flyouts. His JFK flyout gave me my memorable first overnight flight from KJFK - UBBB

congratulations, may you have a happy anniversary

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Thank you everyone. Y’all are awesome people to have around. 😁

@Infinite_Qantas, I just memorized the thread it was on, and now I memorized it by heart. If you scroll though your activity page on your user profile you’ll eventually find you first posts.

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Congratulations!! 🥳

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I can even go as far as crediting @Matthew_20204 for getting me to join the IFC. If I didn’t see his flyout, I might not have joined the IFC.

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You’ve been buttering for 1 year strong. ✊ Keep up the awesome work on the IFC. You’ve been a great guy to know. :)

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@snoman, @Thunderbolt, @TheAviationGallery, @Aero, and @Joseph007, thank you for your kind words. Y’all are truly great to have around on the IFC.

@Pingu, unless it’s the TBM or A350, I butter. With a few exceptions. 😂


The IFC can be a wild ride. I had my one year anniversary not to long ago.

Regular is something that, like you said, is not to be taken for granted. It’s a privilege that we have and are expected to use it responsibly.

Happy one year anniversary, and hopefully many more to come!

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Thanks! Hope to see you around here on my second anniversary!

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Congrats and to many more years! 🥂

Thanks, and same to you!

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Congrats 🥳