One Year On The Forum!

Exactly one year go I decided to Joint the IFC and at the time I didn’t know much about aviation and had wanted to be a engineer a year ago but things changed…

I watched my first flight sim video coming home from Vacation, I had watched Jeff favigano with one of his X-Plane 11 videos and that’s what got me going. And February of 2019 is when I started liking more Flight sim and Aviation. A few months later in September my family and I went up to Granbury Texas where my grandparents live and they know a guy who worked for American and is a CFI he owns a C152 Aerobatic, he took me up for free for about 30 minutes and I loved it and that is what made decide that I’d like to go work for American.

Now I wouldn’t be here with out a few great people here…

Great guy awesome drawer, you are always supportive of my drawings and others drawings

Also a great guy you are great to have around and I love your drawing competitions

A really great guy you are always kind. Friendly, and helpful, and you contribute a lot to another community

You have introduced me into a lot more Metallica and I love the band now

And of course all of my fellow Texans on here…
@Chris_S, @snoman, @AarkonTV, @MDoor, @BadPlane, @Airwolf, @Jake_Seitz, @Suhas, @CapA, @Joshua_Kincheloe, @Alexander_Torres1, @DiamondGaming4, @PeopleLion, @Pilot-Juan-Fernandez, @reidasaurusrex, @Altaria55, @Benny_132


We thank you for being part of this community! Happy 1 year anniversary and thank you for helping us all out!

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Please direct especially the second part here:


Gotta love this guy. I’m just watching his LSPDFR videos whilst flying, and planning events, and eating, and playing shooting games, and in my bed 24/7. Love it 😂

Congratulations on 1 year, I won’t ever think I’ll leave.


Wow! I’m sure the forum is looking for new moderators to police single lines of content. That surely goes down well, doesn’t it?

Come on now, I’m sure you can allow him a few tags to whom they are thankful for for being here a year. Additionally, with the time that they’ve been here, I assume they understand the guidelines and common practices of the forum pretty well. Why it makes sense to create 2 separate posts to announce their cake day and thank those in the community is absurd. The OP is perfectly within their limits. Good day.


@naro I was thinking the same

I’m not trying to be the unreasonable police around here, but that topic exists for people to do just that. So making a new topic is completely unnecessary. If we have want to make this more broad celebration topics are sometimes not allowed generally. This whole thing would fit much better in the topic I linked with thanking people.

I don’t make the rules I just state them to help everyone out. Let’s remember this is first and foremost a community about the simulator, then aviation more broadly second. Not a happy birthday community. Not trying to upset anyone, just stating the rules.

And a very anniversary to @Aviation360

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It’s not birthday just my one year anniversary on the forum

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I’m sorry then, I don’t know why I thought it was, I suppose then the guidelines I linked are invalid. I would still recommend posting this on The Who are you thankful for topic, but I really don’t know how allowed this is generally.

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Congrats on your cakeday! Enjoy it! Mines was yesterday!!

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Thank you @AarkonTV

There are still a few Texans I’m messing…

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I got all of the Texans

Congratulations, we are surely glad! 😊