One year on IFC so spotting at IND

Decided to make this topic for no reason other than one year on IFC.Photos are some of my favorite so far this year.

N293WN heading out to midway This flight wasn’t scheduled as IND-MDW isn’t a real route but it still is my most flown route in IF of all time

POV you don’t edit photos

N265WN, one of the planes I came for

N265WN agian

N267WN Omg Omg its a canyon blue omg omg
Alright I don’t even know why I made this topic but follow my insta if you want to


Congrats on one year! Great photos as well

I have the cake too today, 2nd anniversary on IFC :)

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Nice,these years seem to be flying by

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Congratulations to you too!

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Indeed! It flies by so quickly

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