One Year of Infinite Flight

One Year of Infinite Flight

I can’t believe I’ve been playing this game for a year already. And throughout that time period, this game has grown. New reworked aircraft came such as the 777 family, the 757, and soon (I hope), the A330! As well as the release of 3D buildings and airports.


  • Reached Grade 4
  • Completed over 480hrs of flight time
  • Logged over 500 flights
  • Got to experience over 8 different virtual airlines

In honor of how far I’ve came, I recreated my first ever flight on a live server in Infinite Flight.

Flight Information

Flight time: 0:35
Aircraft: United 777-200ER
Server: Expert
Cruising Altitude: FL290


Almost ready for pushback.

Lining up runway 22L at KEWR.

Positive rate, gear up.


Flyby over Central Park

Turning away from New York City

JFK from the cabin.

Already on final into KBOS.

I didn’t realize a 757 took off from an intersecting runway when I was on final until I looked at the replay file. Still makes a good photo though.

Adios JetBlue!

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Nice pics! Sorry, unfortunately you will change need to pick up for your best enough 10 pictures limited. Fixed this, please. Thank you for understanding.


Have a good day!

Guess I counted wrong! Thanks for letting me know.

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Hey! Love the pictures!

JFK is one of my favorite airports.

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No problem!

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I have to admit, since the 3D terminal update I like it more.

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