One Year in IFATC... and Counting

Today, November 12th 2018 marks one year since I passed my practical test and became a member of IFATC. Joining IFATC was one of the best decisions, if not the best decision I made in this sim.

I want to recognize some people that have helped me get where I am. First and foremost, @anon66442947, my recruiter. Despite him owning a file full of my crash screenshots, messaging me at 6 every morning saying how I missed a nice flight, replying “BIZZZZY” almost every time I ask him to fly, and other things, he is a great man and role model.
I’m not going to tag them all because I don’t want to leave any out, but I’ve made tons of friendships and relationships. @Dillon_Lewis, @Dylan_Bright, @Grizpac, @dush19, and @Adam_Williams are just a few of the many people I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know in and out of IFATC. They are all great people and I really wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Lastly, I want to recognize Tyler Shelton, the boss behind it all. The things he has done for IFATC and myself is amazing. He is an inspiration to many.

I started off how everyone else does, as an “apprentice” controlling class C and D airports. Within a week I became a “specialist”, meaning I could now control class B airports. A few weeks later, I was added as a volunteer to fly in tests for IFATC candidates. Over the months I grew in my skills, made friends, moved planes around, etc.
In July of this year, while I was working towards “Officer” (Meaning I could control approach/departure in addition to tower/ground/ATIS), I was presented with a huge and rewarding opportunity. @JoshFly8 reached out to me and asked if I was interested in becoming an IFATC Trainer. This is a rank that a hand-picked few have. Trainers are authorized to provide training and feedback to those seeking to become IFATC but need some help, or current IFATC looking to become officers. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity. I love to help people, and I was very ecstatic that I had built up enough trust in the community to have this position.

Being in IFATC is more than just controlling planes. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to make new friends worldwide, learn about different cultures, being a role model in the community, and not only grow with my skills as a controller but grow with my skills as a person. Yes, even my fellow controllers ridiculing my landings makes me laugh every now and then.

From my heart, thank you for the opportunity to let me serve you. Here’s to more learning opportunities, jokes cracked, crash screenshots, group flights, and most importantly, planes controlled!

-Rocco (RTG113)
IFATC Officer and Trainer


Good job. 👍🏻


Thank you for your service!

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Glad I made the list <3

even though we mainly talk to eachother in block caps

Anyway I completely second this and it’s a great place to meet people with shared interests and build up friendships inside and outside of the limits of Infinite Flight, and long may these friendships continue.

Keep doing what you’re doing and long may your crashes live on ;)


I was always pleased when I was under you’re control. You handle aircrafts very smoothly!🙂

Here’s to many more years in the IFATC🍻

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Congratulations, good work goes on like this.

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Great work @RTG113! You’re a great trainer to have and a great guy! Congratulations on this anniversary, here’s to the next year(s)! :)


That’s cool, i really don’t know what to say :)


I couldn’t stop laughing reading this 😂😂😂😂

Srsly though, amazing work @RTG113 and I wish you well in your future with the IFATC

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Rocco (@RTG113) was my trainer when I was working toward IFATC and he was extremely helpful!

Rocco - thanks for all you do for your trainees, the IFATC community and the larger IF community. It has been a pleasure to get you know you a bit more and now control and fly alongside you.



Always smooth when you control. Congrats!

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😡😡😡. But actually, congrats on the year! I think my year anniversary happened recently as well. Here’s to a few more great ones ❤️!


I am glad to work along side you! You are definitely an inspiration to many including myself and im fortunate enough to see the behind the scenes on a daily basis. Thanks for everything you do for me and to the community. Still don’t know how we haven’t controlled together yet, looking forward to when we do :) Happy anniversary.

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