One Year Ago - United Airlines Reveals New Livery - What are your thoughts now?

Exactly one year ago, United Airlines’ new livery was revealed.

On April 24, 2019, United Airlines revealed its new “Globe Evolution” livery.

Since unveiling this new livery, United Airlines has made progress in repainting its fleet.

  • 73 out of 789 mainline aircraft have received the new livery (9.3% complete).
  • 65 out of 640 United Express aircraft have received the new livery (10.1% complete)

Number of aircraft with new livery for each variant: (This may not be 100% accurate)


Aircraft Type Total Aircraft A/C With New Livery Percentage
Airbus A319 74 11 14.9
Airbus A320 97 8 8.2
Boeing 737-700 44 0 0.0
Boeing 737-800 141 23 16.3
Boeing 737-900 148 1 0.7
Boeing 757-200 51 2 3.9
Boeing 757-300 21 0 0.0


Aircraft Type Total Aircraft A/C With New Livery Percentage
Boeing 767-300 38 8 21.1
Boeing 767-400 16 0 0.0
Boeing 777-200 74 7 9.5
Boeing 777-300ER 22 4 18.2
Boeing 787-8 12 0 0.0
Boeing 787-9 28 5 17.9
Boeing 787-10 13 4 30.8

United Express Fleet:

Aircraft Type Total Aircraft A/C With New Livery Percentage
Embraer 175 178 21 11.8
Embraer 170 38 0 0.0
CRJ-700 39 0 0.0
CRJ-550 40 34 85.0
ERJ-145 78 1 1.3
ERJ-145XR 100 5 5.0
CRJ-200 167 4 2.4


  • Excluded the 737 MAX fleet
  • CRJ-550’s probably inaccurate as the sheet is likely factoring in ex-CRJ-700s.

Some images of United’s aircraft in the new livery taken over the past year:

United Express CRJ-200 by @den.aviation

E-145XR by @Altaria55

United Express CRJ-550

United Express E-175 by @Pertonics

United Airlines A319 by @GlobalFlyer1

United Airlines A320 by @Mattheus

United Airlines 757-200 “Her Art Here” California Livery

United Airlines 767-300 by @Moritz

United Airlines 777-300ER

Google Sheets Source/Images

Full Google Sheets source: The United Airlines Fleet Website

United 737:
United CRJ-550: N504GJ | Bombardier CRJ-550 | United Express (GoJet Airlines) | TSTP350 | JetPhotos
United 757: N14106 | Boeing 757-224 | United Airlines | Alex Crail | JetPhotos
United 777-300ER:

One year ago, a topic was created regarding United’s new livery. Some of you put your initial thoughts in that topic.

Now, one year later, what do you think of United’s new livery? Have you grown to like it? Or do you still prefer the old livery with the gold?


Thanks for the feature. Surprising to think that we have had this thing for a year.


Its a nice livery, not the best. But it’s nice :)

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I can’t believe it’s already been a year!! I love the new livery! I think it was very much needed. It is definitely one of my favorite liveries! :)

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In all honesty. I used to hate the new livery, but since then it has grown on me a lot. I freaking love the thing now!


I love it. Almost as much as Alaska’s livery. It looks especially nice on the 737 family, A320 family, 777, and 787.

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You also forgot the picture of the CRJ-550.

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Same here to be honest…I didn’t find it to be a big change until I saw it in person

When it first came out, I hated it. But now it’s starting to grow on me. The blue has a nice pop to it, and in a weird way, it’s kind of calming. I’ve realized now that the old one was kind of dull and boring, and this one is a lot nicer.

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I also left out the 772, 789, and 78X, but since I have room for one more picture I might as well


Same here! The old livery does seem really dull and outdated now haha. :)

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I think United’s new liveries are awesome but I also like the current/old ones.

Ugly doesn’t change

It’s really grown on me!

Great thread and thanks for the feature.

I like the old livery way better. I think that if United put that little gold squiggly line like they have on the MAXs and the Dreamliners, they’d be set.

I prefer the old livery, so much more classy and the colours contrast much better. Not sure why they changed their livery to something so awful

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I remember the day it got released I hated it, but now I love it
It look a lot more modern then the old livery

I like it very much

I think a lot of people forget that untied has been using continentals livery for years now. United has always had their unique liveries and it was time to upgrade from their outdated livery, that technically, wasn’t even their idea. I personally really like this livery, since I loved the late 2000s tulip livery, and this looks like a mix of that and the continental livery.

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