One Year Ago At This Exact Minute, Ethiopian Airlines' Boeing 737 MAX Crashed

Exactly 1 year ago at this exact minute, 8:44 A.M. Addis Ababa time, ET302 crashed after takeoff.

It’s already been one year since the second fatal 737 MAX crash which resulted in the death of 157 people.

On March 10, 2019, ET302 from Addis Ababa to Nairobi, operated with a Boeing 737 MAX 8 registered as ET-AVJ, crashed six minutes after takeoff.

This was the crash that resulted in the worldwide groundings of the Boeing 737 MAX, which remains grounded today.

In memory of all 157 people on board and condolences to all affected.

Ethiopian 737 MAX image credits

This is a video in memory of the lives lost.


Once again, Ishrion with a well done real world aviation post!

I cannot believe it has been one whole year since this horrifying event. I wasn’t around here when it happened, but I’ll say it know, my prayers are with the families and friends that still struggle during this one year period. As a person that has lost many families and friends during my life, I know exactly how it feels. Hopefully, Boeing and the FAA can find a solution to the issues with the Boeing 737 MAX.


I can remember reading the article and saying “Its that damn plane again” from the shock and sadness of the number of people that were killed.

RIP to all victims of ET302…


I can’t believe it’s been a year already. RIP to the victims.

Poor Boeing, not sure if they can recover from this in 2020.

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Very well written article as always!

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This is the sad thing about my birthday - its the anniversary of this crash…

R.I.P passengers and crew of ET302

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That means the MAX would’ve been grounded globally for nearly a year now!

I was so glad I was able to be on a MAX a month before the type was grounded

My prayers go to the loved ones of the 157 on board this flight. I remember that morning, waking up and logging into seeing that the flight had just crashed, as more details streamed in, this story felt more and more eerily familiar to JT610. The thing is, it was a very big story here in Nairobi not only because it was the intended destination of the jet but also we lost 32 of our own, UN had many personnel on board the plane who were to attend the UNEA assembly(NBO hosts UNEP’s HQ), and for many it was a familiar flight since it linked nicely with ET’s morning intercontinental arrivals in a way that if you hadn’t ever taken ET302, chances are that you knew someone who had taken that flight at least once.

For all those relishing about the MAX, just take a minute and be glad that you’re alive to post on the IFC today.

May the 346 RIP 🙏🏾

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And this exact day, the MAX fleet has been grounded for a year…

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I think official global groundings by the FAA began on March 13.

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Thank you for reminding us of this tragic event.
Prayers to everyone on that flight and to their families as well.

May passenger and crew of flight ET302 Rest in peace


How time goes so fast ay? Can’t believe its already a year since that fatal crash happened. I remember waking up to seeing that it crashed. And to think that the aircraft was meant to be back in the skies within afew months and they’re still grounded!

Just hope that they can be repaired and fly again. But the trust will be a lot harder to be repaired

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