One World Virtual Alliance


After some collaboration that has taken place in between a few One World Virtual Airlines, they are now proud to announce that the One World Virtual Alliance has been formed!


The One World Virtual Alliance was created with a goal to bring multiple VAs together, as well as create multiple codeshare agreements, allowing pilots of the participating VAs to fly other aircrafts/liveries other than what their VA typically flies.

We currently offer a Discourse forum open to all pilots and staff of member virtual airlines. We believe this will inspire collaboration and creativity with all airlines present.

Current VAs In The Alliance

-American Airlines Virtual
-British Airways Virtual
-Malaysian Airlines Virtual
-Qantas Virtual

Alliance Staff

Please note that each member VA will have one discourse admin and remaining senior leadership will fall under staff.

Alliance Admins
-Chris Hoover (AAVA) @Chris_Hoover
-Nichalas Petranek (BAVA) @Nichalas_Petranek

Supervising Moderators
-Bobby (AAVA) @Bobby
-Pranav (AAVA) @Transport_Hub
-Shadow Outlaw (AAVA) @ShadowOutlaw
-Matt Elphick (BAVA) @Matt
-Finn B (BAVA) @Finn
-Ben Tyson (BAVA) @BenTyson

How To Join/Requirements

To join the alliance, you must go through the application process. This process was created by the admin VAs of the alliance to ensure that each VA that wants to join is a quality and active VA.

-Your VA must be a One World VA
-Your VA must be active
-It must have more than 10 pilots (not including staff)
-It must be organized
-It must be a quality VA

The link to the application is below. Note the CEO of a Virtual airline is the only person permitted to fill out this form.

Closing Remarks

This alliance is definitely going to be one of the best alliances in the Infinite Flight virtual airline world. We hope all VAs who are looking for an alliance that will bring pilots together and allow them to create friendships will consider joining this alliance.


Sorry I was just in #general

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My name turned into a VA lol!


Applications are open! If your looking to be apart of an amazing alliance then apply now!


Hopefully @QantasVirtualGroup will get in on this, they are the largest member VA currently not participating.


Oh yeah! It’s online!


Great to finally see the thread up and running. It’s been a long slog to get here but we’re finally here. Looking forward to many big community events and much more with this partnership.


Like what @Reedgreat said, c’mon, @QantasVirtualGroup! You’re missing out on all the fun!

Hi everyone!

American Virtual is now back as an active member of the alliance! If your interested in applying for your VA to get into the alliance, then feel free to scroll up in our thread and click the application! We are always ready to welcome new members to our discourse community just like this one! Hope to see some of you on there soon!

Chris Hoover


Malaysian virtual applied, check the applications admins.




We are glad to announce that Malaysia Airlines Virtual Group has been certified into the One World Alliance! That brings the total amount of virtual airlines up to 3!

We are also happy to say that we are expecting some more key members of One World to join shortly. Stay tuned for more info!




We are very happy to announce that Qantas Virtual has joined the One World Alliance! We can’t wait to have their pilots engage in conversation with ours and vice versus! We also plan to work closely with Qantas to improve the alliance in every way we can and get some more One World airlines to join. Welcome to One World Qantas!


That’s great news this is an amazing way to gets VAs come together and create big events


Hey guys! Very well designed thread.

But I can’t really understand the purpose of Virtual Alliances. Do you have like a unique system to log PIREP’s or how do you operate?

Thanks in advance!

P.s. If you don’t have a unique system but want one, check out this thread:)

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Let’s just say that in a Virtual airline, you basically have a “job.” Every flight you do for them has to be logged and you have to accumulate more hours.

In a VA, you are supposed to remain active like in the real world, or you will be kicked out aka fired.

Yeah, that’s quite clear but what about

It’s like a partnership of airlines but in Infinite Flight.

In the real world, One World contains both Qantas and American Airlines. Sometimes, Qantas flights will be operated by American Airlines like a simple KLAX-KSJC flight.

I’m a part of AAVA, so I’m in the One World Community. If you join AAVA, BAVA, QFVA, you get to join another discourse server so you guys can chat with each other.

I feel like the One World Virtual Alliance is nothing more than a simple partnership (I may be wrong somewhere in that statement) but as more airlines join, it will get bigger and feature more things. Possibly even partnership when flying like American Airlines operating some Qantas Virtual Airlines flights.

Right now, we only have 3 VAs in OWAC but we are expected to grow and as more airlines come, things will get big.


Oh, one more thing:

We strive for realism, so real world airlines that are not in One World (for example Southwest Airlines) will not be able to join One World Virtual Alliance.

This means that Southwest Virtual will not be able to join OWV.

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It might be handy to update the VA’s in the alliance, its not on the main post. Just a suggestion.


All member airlines will continue to use their own systems.

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