One World/Star Alliance Livery’s

This is a suggestion about adding the Oneworld and Star Alliance Livery’s! Personally i would love to see these come into infiniteflight

Me and i’m sure a lot of other people would love to see the introduction to alliance’s and clubs like these, to come into infiniteflight and create a more bigger community!

The Following List For One World Would Be
•Alaska Airlines
•Air Berlin
•American Airlines
•British Airways
•Cathay Pacific
•Malaysia Airlines
•Qatar Airways
•Royal Jordanian
•S7 Airlines
•SriLankan Airlines

The Star Alliance Would Be:
•Air Canada
•Air China
•Air India
•Air New Zealand
•Asiana Airlines
•Brussel Airlines
•Copa Airlines
•Croatia Airlines
•Eva Air
•Lot Airlines
•Shenzhen Airlines
•Singapore Airlines
•South African Airways
•Tap Air Portugal
•Turkish Airlines

Please Consider If Developers See This! In hopes to bring a bigger variety in liveries and a larger community!


Oooooo yes! I’d love to fly a star alliance livery! But maybe you should add skyteam too. Cool feature though

Hello, just to let you know, you can’t request 2 features or more, according to the rules for Features.

Here are some good requests tho, some from Star Alliance, some for One World…

But maybe they should close those and make them come to this one for more

Shall I take it down?

So they don’t have to make a single feature for every single livery

One feature per request.