One World Flight!

Yesterday I did a flight from Changi to Kuala Lumpur, I flew a 777-300ER AA 3 28 Heavy. I departed Changi RWY 02C with my alliance buddy (a Qantas a380) parallel to me RWY 02L. We flew up to FL 210 and the my passengers could most likely see his/her’s pax. Then we descended at the same time on our approach to Kuala Lumpur. He landed RWY 32L, I landed RWY 32R. He landed before me cause I had to slow down cause we were both about to land on RWY 32R. It was another great flight on the Advanced server. If you are on this forum I’m sorry I don’t remember your name.

Climbing FL 210

Tower View

Now I have to keep my mind off of the a320 until Apple releases it😔